Understanding the Struggles to Generate Quality Leads at Pack Expo East

Understanding the Struggles to Generate Quality Leads at Pack Expo East

Are you looking to make a splash at your next trade show, like PACK EXPO East 2024 in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center? Trade shows offer an excellent chance to engage with potential clients, exhibit your offerings, and boost your business.

However, setting up your booth to generate quality leads can be challenging. If your recent experience made you feel like you missed valuable connections, don’t fret.

Let’s dive into some common hurdles and explore how Arissa International can help you overcome struggles to ensure success at your next trade show.
Quality Leads in Real Estate

Lack of Awareness

A lack of awareness is one of the most significant challenges businesses face at trade shows. With hundreds of exhibitors vying for attention, getting lost in the crowd is easy. If attendees aren’t aware of your presence or what you have to offer, you’re unlikely to attract quality leads.


Prioritize pre-show marketing efforts to create buzz around your participation. With our tailored pre-show marketing strategies, we’ll help you reach your target audience and create excitement about your participation at the trade show.

From captivating social media campaigns to personalized email invitations, we’ll ensure that attendees are aware of your presence and eager to visit your booth.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Even if you attract foot traffic to your booth, it won’t translate into quality leads if you’re targeting the wrong audience. You may engage with individuals with little interest or purchasing power without understanding your ideal customer profile.


Attracting the right audience is essential for maximizing your ROI at trade shows. With Arissa International’s audience segmentation and targeting expertise, we’ll help you identify and prioritize high-value prospects most likely to engage with your offerings. By refining your messaging and marketing materials to resonate with your ideal customer profile, we’ll ensure that every interaction at your booth counts.

Passive Booth Experience

Pack Expo East
A passive booth experience can hinder your ability to engage attendees and leave a lasting impression. If your booth lacks interactivity or fails to captivate visitors’ attention, they may breeze past without giving your offerings a second glance.


Every attendee has unique interests, preferences, and pain points. That’s why we believe in the power of personalization. We tailor each booth experience to resonate with your target audience, delivering personalized messaging and content that speaks directly to their needs.

Whether it’s through targeted promotions, customized giveaways, or tailored interactions, we ensure that every visitor feels valued and understood.

Inefficient Lead Capture

Failing to capture their contact information efficiently can result in missed opportunities even if you manage to strike up conversations with attendees. Relying on pen and paper or outdated lead capture methods can lead to lost or inaccurate data, making follow-up efforts challenging.


Efficient lead capture is crucial for maximizing your return on investment at trade shows. Arissa International offers state-of-the-art lead capture solutions that streamline the process and ensure no valuable lead slips. With our help, you can collect and organize leads seamlessly, enabling you to focus on nurturing relationships and closing deals.

Inefficient Lead Nurturing

Generating leads is only the first step; nurturing those leads into paying customers requires ongoing effort and attention. Without a strategic follow-up plan, leads may go cold, and valuable opportunities may be lost.


With Arissa International’s comprehensive lead nurturing strategies, we’ll help you cultivate relationships with prospects at every customer journey stage. From personalized follow-up communications to targeted marketing automation campaigns, we’ll ensure that your leads receive the attention and care they deserve, ultimately driving conversion and growth for your business.

In conclusion, while generating quality leads at trade shows may present challenges, success is within reach with the right strategies and mindset.

Addressing common pain points like lack of awareness, targeting the wrong audience, passive booth experiences, inefficient lead capture, and lead nurturing can maximize the impact and attract more customers at future trade shows.

With careful planning, creativity, and dedication, the next trade show could be your most successful yet!

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